We Are YogiKuti.

A place where you can find a wide range of Yoga products.

Yogikuti is a dedicated team of highly experienced Yoga teachers from India. We are based in Pune, India. Our guiding principle is to serve ‘well being seekers’ through innovative products. In any case, if you are struggling to find quality at best possible price, then Yogikuti is a one-stop solution for you where you can get yoga mats, yoga blocks, wooden props, yoga blankets, straps, ropes and much more. We have joined hands with the local artisans who are expert in manufacturing or designing our products. Apart from maintaining the high quality of yoga clothes and accessories, we also consider the style and trend which is famous in today’s time. Yogikuti has been a committed and dedicated provider to all its customers in terms of product’s quality, performance, and comfort. The years of expertise in the field of yoga has helped our team of Yogikuti to come up with excellent designs and ideas for yoga props. When shopping with Yogikuti, you can relax your mind from all the worries of purchasing from us because our team of experts and we are fully aware of the importance of yoga and meditation in the lives of the individuals. We will continue to honor our original vision: To provide premium quality innovative & technically useful products for the practice of yoga. We provide a wide range of high quality Yoga props that includes all kind of Wooden Yoga props, Yoga Blankets, Straps, Ropes, Yoga Chairs & Yoga Clothes. Our Yoga props are the perfect complement to enrich your personal Yoga practice. They are also a perfect complement to the studio. Why purchase yoga accessories and clothes? This must be the question, which is striking your mind again and again. It is very important to pick the right yoga accessories and clothes so that you can reap all the benefits of yoga meditation. We offer special discounts on the bulk purchases from us as well. Last but not the least; we hope that the products from Yogikuti can meet your expectations of standards and quality. We take care of complete process of designing and developing of our unique and innovative products. We give importance to provide best quality product with its unique size, finish, shape, firmness, stability and ease of use. The services provided by Yogikuti are best as per the industry standards.    

Money Economy:

We are a group of a Yoga teacher who design, develop & manufacture variety of props and Yoga clothes. We offer high-quality yoga products directly to the end-users thereby enhancing the value for money.


Our inspiration is the path of yoga & knowledge of its dedicated teachers.

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