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Elevate your Yoga to a new height with Aerial Yoga

Have you been practicing yoga for many years, or are you aspiring to start a new form of yoga to increase mind and body strength? Aerial yoga is doing the rounds among yoga practitioners and is slowly becoming the talk of the town. Beginners or proficient, this kind of yoga is gradually becoming a trend. Like ground yoga, all the asanas can be done in the air using a hammock swing specially designed for performing them. So, let’s delve more into this exciting form of yoga and see how it is growing into multiple households and yoga centers and what the benefits it will provide to help you get fit and healthy. 

We will begin with understanding the concept. 

What is Aerial Yoga?

You must have seen a yoga practitioner perform some complex or straightforward asanas on a mat on the ground. Performing these same asanas elevated from the ground with the help of a sling or hammock is how you do it. During each asana, the hammock supports your body and gives you more range while moving. Many seasoned practitioners will use the hammock to perform complex asanas wholly suspended. However, beginners can use the sling only to lift and support a specific body part like the legs or arms while performing a pose. 

You may think this kind of yoga is only for professional or well-trained yoga practitioners. That is not the case. I agree that if you have been a regular yoga practicing individual, this kind of yoga may be easier to perform as your body will have already acquired the flexibility. However, beginners who have never done any yoga before can also start with aerial, and it will benefit them as much. All it would need is a little more practice. 

Now let’s understand the multiple benefits this form of yoga gives.


You will always hear people saying that yoga is for building the strength of the body and mind. It helps build immunity in your body. Even though this is true, that is not the only benefit; it also helps heal and is very therapeutic. Yoga in the air can be the most efficient way to heal your body or issues, mental blocks and build strength. 

  • Work-out for the whole body

Performing poses and asanas in the air require a lot of strength in your arms and legs. Hence a simple pose like ‘Savasana’ will also need a good amount of body strength, and thus a complete work-out is done when performing yoga in the air. 

  • Improvement in Flexibility

As this yoga is practiced in the air, it defies the laws of gravity. Hence all the tension on your joints will be released while performing any pose. With practice, the flexibility of each joint and eventually body part will increase, and you can move with more ease. 

  • Back Pain Healer

This kind of yoga is considered a boon for people with back pain. The poses performed in the hammock will defy gravity and help lengthen and strengthen your spine to reduce and eventually eliminate all pain in the back.

  • Reduction in Stress

While performing this form of yoga, extra strength is required, and hence the blood circulation increases in your body. Once the blood circulation is faster and quickly eliminates the toxins from your body, your mind will also relax, and all the stress will slowly vanish. This process promotes good sleep and can also solve insomnia issues.

  • Mental upliftment

When the blood circulation increases after performing this suspended yoga form, your mind will begin to relax. Your mood improves as all the stress and anxiety will go away. With regular practice, this yoga can help keep you in a happy mental state. 

The benefits of aerial yoga do not end here. There are multiple benefits that various people may experience when they start performing it. A word of caution to all beginners; they should always practice this kind of yoga under the supervision of a professional trainer and with the best quality equipment.  Yogikuti is a well-known and highly recommended online store for buying a sturdy Aerial Yoga Hammock. The hammock we provide is made of premium fabric and is long-lasting. 

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