Iyengar Yoga practice is immensely powerful in making the lifestyle healthier and more fruitful. In the lack of awareness and knowledge, we somehow tend to attract the wrong company and destructive habits. Unhealthy eating habits and worse lifestyle habits fall us in a position where only diseases and negativity stay intact. But practicing yoga can help immensely in building a robust immune system and a positive mindset for achieving goals. It can promote in following ways to lead a happy lifestyle:



All we need is discipline and will power to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This form of yoga practice induces discipline in mankind. Its’ wonderful effects compel the practitioners to stay stuck with the routine and practice which impacts all the habits and routine jobs. People who practice this form of yoga are quite focused and controlled in all the choices they make. They prefer to select the options which are more sustainable and fruitful rather than choosing the options of momentary pleasure. Self-control and wisdom to distinguish the best options among all is the result of disciplined and consistent yoga practice.



The lack of energy and enthusiasm result in boredom and negativity towards life. It increases the destructive vibes and tends the people towards a negative attitude. But consistent Iyengar Yoga practice helps the practitioners in regaining their energy and enthusiasm towards leading the wonderful life. With an energized body and a calm mind, a human being is able to accomplish as many goals as possible in a day. Productivity is increased, eliminating the lethargy from life. This yoga form helps in bringing the positive results as the efforts put in any task are a hundred per cent.


Healthy body:

A healthy body is a place for a healthy mind. A body if well trained and exercised with all the muscles and bones is much more capable of doing any kind of task, whether it is witty or requires strength. A strong body is more immune if fed with the right kind of healthy balanced food. This all can be through this form of yoga which explains the reasons and methods of making a body healthier. A healthy body doesn’t get sick that often and encourages you to achieve a lot more than expected. The fitness and energy get multiplied in a healthy body.


Strength and fitness:

There are certain tasks which require strength and fitness to perform and with lack of that the efficiency of a person gets decreased in many ways. The people who are strong and fit are more likeable in many professions. Even to enjoy adventures in life and visit places, certain fitness and strength are demanded. In lack of both, meaningful life full of dreams and adventures can’t be achieved. Practising this form of yoga strengthens body and tones muscles. 



To maintain an ideal weight, Iyengar Yoga is immensely powerful and shows sustainable results. There are many quick workouts popular these days, but they can’t assure the healthy weight loss. This yoga form works on human body showing maximum effects and sustainable results.



We have many aspirations and dreams to accomplish in this life, and we continuously try to put the best efforts in fulfilling them. But our bad habits and wrong choices make us fall apart and distract from our goals. To lead a happy and successful life, yoga practice is essential for us as it gives wisdom and a healthy body to pursue our goals. 

Yoga has always been the best exercise to keep your body healthy and fit from inside out. Yoga is a blend of various poses. People who love practicing yoga are always ready to learn new poses. Every yoga pose has its own benefits and hence has its own importance. Here, we are going to get the information about the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. It is a Sanskrit name for this yoga pose. It is also referred as Bridge Pose in English because, while doing this asana the body bends in such a way that overall the posture looks like a bridge. The name of this asana is kept so beautifully that it itself explains the meaning of the asana as, setu means bridge, bandha means formation and sarvangasana means the entire body. So, this yoga pose is the best practice for the entire body formation as derived from the name.

As you can see in the image, this asana is perfectly done with yoga wheel which is considered to be one of the best yoga accessories for this pose. Yoga wheel gives you a perfect support to bend your body and perform the asana in a right way. Yoga accessories are always helpful to achieve perfect yoga positions and when it comes to bending postures yoga wheel is one of the most used yoga accessories.

Practicing setu bandha sarvangasana regularly has immense benefits for your body. This asana helps to prevent arterial blockages or cardiac arrest by resting the heart muscle and increasing the blood circulation to the arteries. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure at standard level. It controls and relieves you from hypertension, depression, migraine by soothing the brain. It is helpful for relieving physical as well as mental stress, insomnia, eye or ear ailments, back aches, strain related to spine and neck. It revives your tired legs and prevents them from varicose veins. This yoga pose also helps in improving digestion which is most important part of human body. For females this asana has special feminine benefits, such as, its helps in relaxing the menopause symptoms and also relieves the menstrual discomfort. So, if you perform this asana on a regular basis, your body would feel a new edge and health with more positive outcomes.

It is always recommended to practice this asana under step by step guidance and training by experts. It is also recommended to use the yoga wheel initially as it will help you to catch the posture perfectly without discomforting your spine. Once you know the way of using this yoga wheel you would love to use various yoga accessories as well. It is also advised that you should avoid practicing this asana if you have any disc injuries, and absence of natural spinal curve. So, if you fit in all the recommended standards for this asana then start practicing it and get a rejuvenated and all new wholesome body. It is very important to take care of the God’s most precious gift…our body.


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Setu bandh sarvangasana is one of the most beneficial yogasanas. Regular practice of this asana helps you to get rid of several health problems and give you a vigorous and healthy body. It has benefits right from the head to toe. Hence, it is referred as an entire body formation asana.

Yoga is a new trend. Whether it be India or USA, people around are getting along with some traditional means of keeping themselves healthy. For all those who wish to learn, varied Yoga centers are offering online and offline courses. People are offered help to learn varied physical postures called Hatha Yoga and Asanas (types of poses and Yogic styles) to keep a better balance over their mental and emotional growth.

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