Ganesha – Welcome the God of Auspicious Beginnings into Your Life!

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According to Hindu culture and religious beliefs, did you know that there is a particular god for a specific occasion? There are crores of gods and goddesses that are worshiped daily, and the one that is honored before any other deity is Lord Ganesha. The son of the goddess Parvati and the god of all gods, Mahadev; Lord Ganesha is known to be the destroyer of all obstructions; the one worshipped to attain knowledge and intellect, and the one who makes all ceremonies and events auspicious with his blessings. He is known to be the god to be worshipped when one has to start with new beginnings. With an eco-friendly Ganesha idol in your house or workplace, you can achieve success very fast. 

Ganesha is not only loved and adored in the Hindu culture but in some other cultures as well. The time of his birth has a 10-day celebration every year, and people will decorate their houses, set up pandals in the streets, and welcome their beloved god home, to pamper, feed, and adore him. The festivities include preparing his favorite foods, praising and worshiping him with songs, and dancing for all ten days. 

Eco-Friendly Ganesha


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With changing times, more and more people have started welcoming the god into their houses every year. This includes bringing home an idol of the god and placing it in a special place to keep for ten days. However, people make Ganesha idols out of toxic and harmful materials to make quick money. 

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Having the awareness that we have to celebrate a great festival and enjoy, we should not forget our duty towards this mother earth. Creating not recyclable waste every year because of the toxic materials of these idols dumped into the sea is a significant threat to our entire existence. 

It is encouraged to purchase idols made with eco-friendly materials like clay and paper, which will quickly dissolve in the water when the idol is immersed after ten days. 

Many manufacturers and small businesses are dedicated to making recycled clay Ganesha and paper mache Ganesha idols, and you should be encouraged to buy from them. 

Let’s learn in brief how the Ganesha festival is celebrated every year. 

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Ganesha was born on the fourth day after the new moon in the Hindu month of Bhadrapad (late August-early September), also known as ‘Ganesh Chaturthi.’ The festivities begin way before that in India. People start preparing for the lord’s arrival by preparing sweet food, cleaning and arranging a special place to place the idol, etc. The day he arrives is celebrated with dance, music, loud drums, and other musical instruments, and a procession is carried out with the idol in hand. In short, he is welcomed into the house or a public pandal with warmth in the hearts and happiness on the faces. 

The next 10 days are nothing short of a series of events, dancing, singing auspicious praises called ‘Aarti,’ two times a day. People who do not have the idol established in their home will visit various pandals and other people’s homes to worship the Lord there and ask for his blessings. People fast, ask for boons, and request the Lord remove all the obstacles in their lives. It is believed that he blesses the ones who offer him his favorite food, the ‘Modak’ (a special sweet made with coconut and jaggery).

His stay varies from household to household, from 5 days to 10 days, depending on their family traditions. Most public pandals have it for the entire ten days, and the last day, known as ‘Anant Chaturdashi,’ is when we say goodbye to the god, taking a promise from him that he will return next year to bless us. However, Lord Ganesha never leaves our hearts, and he is remembered every time you make a new beginning or need blessings to do specific tasks anytime during the year. 

Yogikuti is a firm believer in the lord and takes the initiative to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols with clay and paper every year. Master artisans make these idols, and the quality of the material used is highly superior. We want our eco-friendly Ganesha idols to reach every household. 

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