Enter an All-New Comfort Zone with a Yoga Blanket – Know-How?


Yoga practice is a daily ritual for many, and you will need yoga props that help ease the various poses in yoga. Iyengar Yoga Blanket is one such prop that looks simple yet has multifaceted uses and helps make your yoga practice comfortable and relaxed. So, say goodbye to the tense muscles and strain on the neck when you use these all-cotton blankets. Many yoga practitioners use these blankets for relaxing and restorative poses in yoga. 

Quality is of prime importance

While performing certain poses, you must stretch your hands and legs, and in such positions, if you have a support blanket to hold them in place, you can even stretch a little further. They provide an additional grip when switching from one position to another in various asanas. Some stretches in restorative yoga poses cannot be achieved without the support, and these blankets give you just that. 

The quality of the blanket cannot be compromised in such cases. It has to be flexible and of the finest cotton with a tight weave to remain durable and trustworthy during use. A 100% cotton fabric blanket is what you should be investing in, rather than the polycotton blends readily available in the market. 

Why is a yoga blanket essential?

It has been observed in many yoga classes that many students or practitioners will quickly start using blocks and straps, and other props. However, they are not interested in the yoga blankets. Either they are not aware of its importance or underestimate its uses. 

Let’s clear that air for you; here are a few reasons why the blanket is also a necessary prop. 

  • Seating support

During meditation, sitting up tall is required and should be practiced. The blanket can provide you with an extra lift and the tail bone more room to relax. This prevents you from hunching your back as your hip bone is well supported. 

  • Better position holding

A rolled-up blanket under your bent leg can provide extra support and let you hold the position for a longer duration. Specific positions can be kept longer, such as the crescent warrior pose, when a blanket is used to support your knees. 

  • Provides warmth during relaxation

After a hectic yoga session, when your heartbeats have risen, you will need to relax and lie down in a savasana pose. Yoga tends to generate heat in your body which should be retained for healing. Wrapping yourself up in a blanket during savasana will ensure your body does not lose the heat completely, which has been generated for healing. 

Let’s now see the asanas or poses in which this fantastic and highly helpful prop is used. 

Asanas/ Positions that Use Blankets

As stated earlier, the blanket is a versatile prop and can be used to support and grip during various poses. Here is a list of a few. 

  1. The cat-cow, Camel position needs support under the knees with the blanket’s help.
  2. The pigeon pose needs a blanket placed under your bent leg to help support the hip.
  3. The child’s pose needs the blanket under your ankles to support them from the stretch.
  4. The hero pose is when you can sit on folded blankets to provide additional cushioning. 
  5. The plow pose is when you can use the blanket to support your neck during the pose.

We have seen the various uses and purposes of the blanket. However, there might still be some of you who practice Iyengar yoga and would like to know how the blanket is helpful while doing this kind of yoga. The answer lies in the versatility of the blanket. There are props like the bolster, which are also commonly used but unable to fold; their uses can be specific. However, you can fold it with the blanket, layer it, roll it, etc., to use as per your need. Stretching and supporting is like second nature to the blankets, and hence it makes sure it fulfills its purpose to the fullest. 

One of the leading brands which supply yoga blankets is Yogikuti. Our online store has a varied collection of blankets. There are multiple color options from the 100% Indian cotton-made blankets—order one today and experience its durability and helpfulness. 

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