How does Yoga Trestler Elevate Your Iyengar Yoga Journey?


A quote from Mr. Iyengar is “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” What better way to start than with yoga? However, yoga can be challenging for adults or those who are new to this form of exercise.

With the introduction of Iyengar Yoga, fret no more. It is a type of yoga practice that utilizes various props to help the practitioner improve their performance and achieve correct posture. Anyone can try yoga, from simple poses to more challenging ones, with the use of yoga props.

At Yogikuti, you can find all the props that can help you align your yoga postures. One of the extraordinary props available is the yoga trestlers/tresslers. Relatively new for a few and well-known for many, this prop will make an excellent addition to your yoga practice as it offers numerous benefits.

What is a yoga trestler?

The yoga trestler/tressler, more commonly known as a yoga horse, is a versatile yoga prop. It is one of many props used in Iyengar yoga. It consists of two rectangular wooden platforms that are attached by a crossbar. The crossbar is adjustable, allowing the trestler to adapt to different body types and pose requirements.

Benefits of using a yoga trestler 

Props can offer several functions. They can be of assistance to the entire body or parts of the body depending on the required posture. Many poses that offer numerous benefits may not be attainable for a few because of either the complexity of the pose or the physical limitations of the practitioner. In such cases, props like yoga trestler can be of a huge help. It helps in providing access to advanced poses.  

At times, fear is a great impediment in performing yoga. Yoga props can be used by people to overcome their fear (fear of losing balance and falling) of performing certain poses. Yoga trestler in particular can be used by people who find it difficult to hold on to a pose for a longer period due to a lack of grip. 

Apart from these general benefits, yoga trestler also offers other benefits that greatly help the performer. The other benefits of this revolutionary prop are listed below. 

  • Improved Alignment 
  • Deeper Stretches 
  • Accessibility for Beginners 
  • Balance Enhancement 
  • Backbend Support 
  • Torso Stretching 

Improved Alignment 

The yoga trestler is designed in a way that the crossbar in it can be adjusted either to accommodate different body types or poses. The rectangular platforms provide a stable base. This way it is possible to achieve proper alignment when performing, thereby attaining the right posture.  

Deeper Stretches 

The yoga trestler is a solid prop that provides the practitioner an incredible support in performing poses that involve deeper stretches. With a yoga trestler, pose stretching can be done deeply without the fear of falling or losing balance. 

Accessibility for Beginners 

Many poses can look unachievable if you are beginner. Yoga trestler can help you with that. It provides stable support using which beginners can begin practicing the high end poses slowly thereby building the strength and flexibility required.  

Balance Enhancement 

The yoga trestler has two rectangular frameworks that provide firm support and stability which helps you improve balance and achieve better alignment. 

Backbend Support 

The backend in poses can be difficult as it may cause imbalance. A yoga trestler can help in such poses. The practitioner can hold the crossbar with a full grip so that they do not fall. 

Torso Stretching 

With the yoga trestler, it is possible to do poses that involve torso stretching, like Parivrutha Trikonasana. The user can deepen their pose with the help of the yoga trestler, thereby improving torso stretching. 

How to use a yoga trestler effectively? 

The Yoga trestler must be used effectively to get the optimum results. This helps your investment in yoga props be worth it. The yoga trestler, being larger in size than the other props makes it ideal for yoga practice. Let’s see how this amazing prop can be used aptly to derive desired results. 

Choose the Appropriate Height 

As mentioned above, the yoga trestler consists of two wooden frameworks which are attached to each other using a crossbar. Make sure to adjust the crossbar so that the trestler can accommodate your height.  

Position Yourself Properly 

Once the trestler is adjusted according to your height, ensure you position yourself properly with the wooden frames. Hold the crossbar and align yourself accordingly.  

Maintain Proper Alignment 

Now that you have positioned yourself well, you have to be mindful of your alignment throughout your posture. Avoid loosening your grip or disturbing your position, as doing so might make you lose balance and stability. 

Progress Gradually 

After you are confident that you are in the proper alignment required for the pose, try deepening your position slowly. Gradually increase your progress as far as you feel comfortable and repeat the process.  

Guidance from a Certified Yoga Instructor 

If you are beginner or have no prior experience in using yoga props, it is advisable to seek help from a certified yoga instructor. They can help you to begin using the yoga trestler effectively and efficiently without compromising your posture.  

How to assemble a large yoga trestler? 

The Yogikuti’s large yoga trestler consists of many parts that should be assembled to create the final structure. It has two wooden pillar-like platforms which are connected by a crossbar and a wooden frame. All these parts come individually. It is then put together to form the final structure.  

Wooden Pillars: Each wooden pillar is first attached to the base board using nails and screws. The baseboard will be placed on the ground. These pillars have holes at different heights for the crossbar. At the top, there are openings on both the pillars marked by letters or numbers, which will be connected by a wooden frame.  

Horizontal wooden frame: The wooden frame consists of two parts (zigzag). These two parts are secured to each other using nails. Each end of the frame will have markings (number or letters). Since the portion where the frames are connected is in zigzag format, there is a hollow space left on the top. Fill that space with the wooden board and secure it with nails. Assemble the frame into the pillars at the respective openings according to the markings. 

Supporting wooden block: The horizontal wooden frame will be provided an additional support at their ends using two wooden blocks, so they stay sturdy and strong. The one end of the block will be secured to the wooden frame and the other to the wooden pillar using nails and screws. 

Crossbar: The crossbar is made of metal which looks like a long slim rod. They are inserted into the holes in the wooden pillars. Since the pillars have many holes at different heights, the rod can be fitted accordingly to accommodate the user’s preferred height. 

Yoga poses to try with a yoga trestler 

Similar to other yoga props, yoga trestler can also be used in various yoga poses. A few of the poses that can be tried using yoga trestler is listed below. Try these poses with the yoga trestler and feel the difference in your posture. Most definitely a better one. 

  • Trikonasana 
  • Hanging Uttanasana 
  • Ardha Chandrasana  
  • Parivrutha Trikonasana   
  • Adho Mukha Prasarita Padottanasana 
  • Backward and forward bending asanas 

Tips for using a yoga trestler safely 

Before we conclude, here are a few tips to use this one-of-a-kind yoga prop, yoga trestler.  

  • Make sure the parts of the prop are assembled securely 
  • Ensure the rod is placed at your required height 
  • Don’t jump for deep poses rather begin with simple poses 
  • Use a non-slippery mat if your floor is slippery 
  • Have a good grip on the crossbar or the wooden frame to avoid falling or losing balance 
  • If you are a beginner or find any difficulty, seek out a certified yoga instructor to guide you 
  • Maintain proper alignment, sync breath with your movements and engage your core muscles 
  • Most importantly, listen to your body.  
  • Store the prop neatly, dust it before you use it to avoid any mishaps. 


Just like medical instruments, props can be used in exacting science. Before using the yoga trestler for a pose, its properties and qualities must be understood thoroughly. As with any physical activity, proper training in the use of yoga trestler is a must to achieve their goal and attain perfection. Getting the pose right depends on practical, personal familiarity, and hands-on experience with the prop. 

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