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Cotton Yoga Props

Most people believe that yoga props are only for yoga studios, but it is not so. You can easily cultivate a studio-worthy yoga practice right at home by investing in the right yoga props from YogiKuti. Yoga props have become quite popular as they help facilitate the practice of different poses and asanas. Yoga props not only help in the execution of yoga poses, but they also eliminate the danger of injury by providing you better control over your movements. Take off stress from your body and mind with YogiKuti cotton yoga props!

Explore Variety of Professional Quality Yoga Props

Cotton yoga props are quite varied, and each of them works on the body in different ways. They can be classified in three different ways according to the purpose they serve –

  • Postural Correction– Cotton yoga props such as yoga blankets and bolsters offer support for a good alignment during yoga poses.
  • Muscle Stretching– These yoga props like yoga straps help provide greater stretching and stability while performing yoga poses. They also help the body open up and become more flexible.
  • Relaxation– They help provide relaxation throughout the body, such as yoga blankets or cushions.

Though there are varieties of yoga props out there, it can get easy to get lost in so many different options. Here are some of the most common cotton yoga props that our customers love to use –


Our organic cotton yoga blankets are great to have handy during yoga practice. They are perfect to cushion the knees when performing yoga that puts pressure on the knees. Using a folded blanket under the knees when performing sitting yoga poses will also feel wonderful. Many also use them to keep themselves warm during savasana.


YogiKuti yoga towels are quite different from regular towels. These are designed not just to absorb moisture but also to be used on top of the yoga mat to create a non-slippery surface. YogiKuti towels feature innovative silicone dots to prevent slipping or bunching. They also absorb twice as much sweat as a normal towel. Yoga towels are a must-have accessory for


Cotton yoga straps help you extend your body without compromising your form. For poses such as the Sirsasana, you can use the strap by looping it around the foot’s ball and then stretching forward. These straps can also be used for many other yoga poses.


Yoga bolsters are used for many restorative yoga poses or breathing exercises. You can place them under different areas of your body to provide support and comfort, allowing total release and relaxation. YogiKuti offers yoga bolster online in many different shapes and sizes.

Build Your Collection with Yoga Props for Sale at YogiKuti

Take your yoga practice to the next level with pure cotton yoga props at YogiKuti. We have a large collection of cotton yoga props that is perfect for everyone. Our cotton yoga props are perfect for yoga teachers, yoga studios, meditation centers, sports shops, health clubs, and home use. Choose from a variety of cotton yoga blankets, cotton yoga bolsters, cotton towels, yoga bags, cushions, eye pillows, yoga cotton straps, cotton eye wrap, and much more. Our cotton yoga props are the best way to deepen your yoga practice. It allows you to adapt to a wide range of yoga poses and feel amazing while doing them. Use our yoga props for sale to explore many different yoga asanas possibilities and practice them without limitations.

Whether you are looking for the best cotton yoga blanket online or something unique as cotton eye pillows, you will be able to find everything you need for your yoga journey right here at YogiKuti.

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