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Wooden Yoga Blocks-Props for Better Yoga Practice

Whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi, one of the most popular yoga accessories you might need is Wooden Yoga Blocks. You might have seen these spread out at your yoga class or on workout videos. Yoga blocks are small blocks of different shapes and sizes, usually made of different materials such as wood, foam, or cork. These are used as Iyengar wooden yoga props while practicing yoga or other fitness exercises.

Before you decide to purchase yoga blocks for yourself, you need to know what they can do. Yoga blocks are excellent yoga props that help you learn new yoga poses or even help you go much deeper into your stretches. Another advantage of using solid wood yoga blocks is that they make your poses safer and prevent injuries. They allow you to extend and lengthen your alignment when your flexibility restricts you. The blocks are most often used as an extension of the arms, but they are also used to support the back, head, and even hips to allow the body to settle on some yoga poses. They form great modifiers for those who are not yet ready to perform full yoga poses. Even if yoga is not your thing, you can modify your exercise routines with just 2 wooden blocks in hand.

Top Benefits of Adding Yoga Blocks to Your Fitness Routine

Yoga might look easy and effortless, but they can easily try your capacity to move and stretch in different ways. It is where yoga blocks can come in handy and help you reap the benefits of every type of yoga postures. Here are some of the top benefits of using yoga blocks –

  • Improver Yoga Poses and Reduces Risk of Injury – Yoga blocks allow you to form and maintain new yoga poses that your body cannot hold adequately. Using yoga blocks gives you the extra support you need to perform challenging poses but without injuring yourself.
  • Maintain Your Posture for Long – Yoga helps you build flexibility, stamina, and strength. Using yoga blocks, you can remain in the posture for long without exerting yourself too much. You can remain calm while still enjoying the benefits of the asana you are performing.
  • Bring the Floor to You – When you start yoga, you might find it difficult to perform certain poses where you need to bring your hands to the floor. Using yoga blocks, you can avoid being off balance. You can use the blocks until you can touch the floor on your own.
  • Deepen Your Stretch – Yoga blocks help you deepen your stretch exercises and get deeper into your poses. The deeper your stretches, the more relaxed your body will feel.
  • Explore Arm Balances – Yoga blocks help you build your core muscles and allow you to practice arm balances.

These are just a few of the many benefits you enjoy with yoga blocks. It is essential not to mistake yoga blocks as a sign of weakness as they are highly beneficial when integrated with your yoga practice.

Shop for High Quality and Variety of Yoga Blocks at Yogikuti

Just like the versatility of yoga blocks, there are tons of options for you to choose from at Yogikuti. You will find a variety of yoga blocks in the market, but the key to these yoga accessories is their quality and the material used. Yogikuti offers a wide range of solid wood yoga blocks. These yoga blocks are eco-friendly, biodegradable and are perfect not only to hold up under your body weight but will also provide a firm foundation for yoga poses. Our premium-crafted yoga blocks are made of high-quality Pinewood that is durable and stable than other types of blocks. Everyone has their preferences, and some blocks will work better for certain purposes. Explore our wide range of blocks such as rectangle blocks, triangle yoga blocks, and others and order those that would work for you.

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