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Yoga Shorts Unisex

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  • XS-Waist(inch)-26-29
  • S-Waist(inch)-29-32
  • M-Waist(inch)-32-34
  • L-Waist(inch)-34-36
  • XL-Waist(inch)-36-40
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Fresh Maroon
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Purple
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Yoga Shorts Unisex

Yoga Shorts Unisex



Yoga Shorts Unisex

Embrace your every move and minimize distraction with our yoga shorts for unisex that are designed for modern yoga practices. The unisex high-waisted workout shorts are made of pure cotton material, making them as comfortable as they look. They are soft and stretchy and allow unrestricted bending and stretching so that you do not have to worry about awkward fit issues. Our yoga compression shorts are moisture-managing and are kind to sensitive skin, making them ideal for those who practice in the open during the summer. The slightly long yoga shorts provide you with the extra flexibility you need to stretch your body.

With the detailed seam on the hip and the side, these cotton shorts for are flattering on all figures. No more fidgeting or constant adjusting while you are doing one of your yoga poses. Choose from a wide range of colors and order one in sizes ranging from S to XL. These affordable yoga shorts deliver much more than just a stylish yoga look. Just pair the shorts with our colorful yoga t-shirt, and you are good to go! Even though these are designed for yoga, they can also be worn for workout sessions, jogging, gym, or just lounging at home.

When you practice yoga every day, it does not mean you need to do it in your home clothes or your loungewear. You can practice yoga in apparel specially designed for Yoga. The cotton yoga shorts, for example, are made with the finest cotton and are ideal for all yoga practices. They are unisex and can be worn by men and women, and both will feel comfortable in them is a guarantee we undertake. 

Say no to the skin sticking, uncomfortable and tight clothing when practicing yoga. Instead, opt for the pure cotton shorts that will stretch with you and permit unrestricted bending during certain poses. The yoga shorts Pune is designed so that they do not pose any fit issues and will help you bend, stretch and deepen your yoga poses without any hindrances. 

Poses you can perform: All types of yoga poses can be accomplished in these shorts. 

Purpose: The purpose of these shorts is to provide unrestricted comfort while practicing yoga. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with 100% pure cotton
  • Stretchable and extra soft on sensitive skin
  • Manage moisture well
  • Fit well on both men and women
  • Sizes ranging from S-XL
  • Variety of colors available

There are a variety of shorts available in the market, but all cannot be cotton yoga shorts meant for yoga practice. Some clothing restricts body movement during yoga practice, but with these extra flexible shorts, you can twist and turn the way you like during bending poses. These shorts can be worn during any exercise session, and they will help your skin breathe when you sweat by absorbing moisture quickly. They are easily washable to keep hygienic and reuse every day. 

Weight: 120gm to 150gm
Material: 100% Fine cotton


1.How to buy online yoga clothes for Unisex?

When it comes to fashion-driven attire, we leave no stone unturned. Be it business, a casual day with friends, or a Yoga session, yogis prefer to be clad in their best outfit that represents their sense of style, and at the same time is equally comfortable. You will find a versatile range of Yoga clothes for unisex online. Always purchase from a trusted brand or platform, choose Yoga clothes in the perfect size, watch out for the right material with moisture-wicking abilities. High price does not always equate to premium quality, so don’t go overboard with your Yoga-wear budget.

2.What should we wear while doing yoga?

Yoga is an exercise to open up one’s body, mind, and soul and bring them to work in unison. It’s highly essential to be in a comfy attire while performing Yoga that offers you a sense of confidence. Women can opt to wear t-shirts, loose-fitting pants, or leggings. There is a wide range of Yoga shorts, which will enhance the comfort level by a great deal. For the best shorts online, do check out the exclusive collection at YogiKuti today!

3.How to choose a best yoga shorts?

Here are certain aspects you must consider to get some of the best yoga shorts for women online. Ensure that the Yoga shorts are crafted of fabric with the finest quality Bio washed fabric to offer you greater flexibility during your yoga poses. Next comes color, while most women prefer lighter shades or pastel ones, you can always add a splash of bright colors to your Yoga shorts collection. Comfort is paramount, so choose Yoga shorts that are not too tight as they might restrict your movement and certain poses. However, always opt for a snug fit as loose-fit shorts will leave scopes for modesty-related challenges. Besides, with snug-fit shorts, your Yoga tutor can evaluate your poses, and body’s angles effectively. Happy shopping!

4.Where can I buy Unisex shorts online?

With the rise of Yoga-wear popularity, you can find endless options at your disposal to buy Yoga shorts for ladies online. Be sure to check out the authenticity, and credibility of the online platform/brand, and the quality of Yoga clothing as well as price. If you are planning to get your hands on some of the coolest Yoga shorts for women, do check out YogiKuti online!

5.Is it OK to wear shorts to yoga?

Yes, it’s absolutely OK to wear shorts for Yoga. The idea is to make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. So, if it’s shorts that make you feel so, go for it!

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