Camphor Lamp/Brass Diya Diffuser/Kapoor Lamp

This Brass Camphor/Kapoor lamp is used in homes, office, yoga studios as it purifies the atmosphere and removing all types of negative energies like tension, depression. It helps in improving health of the person. The fragrance of kapoor cleanses the air. Kapoor lamp should be burned every day for 4 to 5 hr.

How to use 

This Camphor Lamp Place wick and Mustard Oil in the base portion of the Camphor lamp in a Diya specially designed for this purpose. This portion of the is called a burner. The portion above the burner is a Katori Form(small bowl) in which camphor along with water is to be placed.

This Brass Lamp is a very powerful and useful device to clear your rooms, homes, offices, shops, yoga studios from all kinds of negative energies.

  • When you light this camphor lamp, it will start cleaning the aura of the place.
  • All the negativities will accumulate under the lamp in the form of black residuals handed down.
  • After lighting it for a few days the space will be clear and no accumulations under the lamp will appear.
  • This is a very strong and visible way to clean the aura of spaces.
  • You yourself will be able to feel the difference and see with your eyes the changes.
  • Use it to believe.
  • Use at the time of meditation.

Material : Brass
Size : 13cmx9cmx6cm

Weight 0.500 kg


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