Cotton Yoga Blanket

Made out of 100% fine Indian cotton. Blankets can support different parts of the body in lots of postures. Blankets are made for relaxing, renewing, and restorative poses. This cotton Iyengar Yoga Blanket is the perfect balance of soft-touch fabric, tight weave, and durability. It gives a comfortable base for yoga and extra warmth for Shavasana. Yoga Blankets may be the most versatile yoga prop. Two or more to provide a stable but yielding surface for shoulder stands. Blankets can substitute for a Bolster in restorative poses and pranayama practice, and give warmth under and over your body for better final relaxation.

The Iyengar yoga blanket is a versatile yoga accessory that can accomplish multiple functions. The blanket can be used if you do not have a bolster or other support prop. Pile a couple of blankets on top of each other, and your problem of supporting the shoulders for a head stand pose is solved. Not just support, but the blanket gives a warm effect when used to cover yourself at the end of the yoga session to retain the healing body heat generated during yoga practice. 

Made with 100% fine Indian cotton, the cotton yoga blanket has a soft touch and feels comfortable when you use it under or over your body. It is a tightly woven material and is highly durable when pulled and rested on while performing specific yoga poses. 

Poses you can perform: Balasana (child’s pose), Kapotasana (Supported Pigeon Pose), Kapotasana (Supported Pigeon Pose), etc. 

Purpose: The primary purpose of the cotton yoga blanket is to provide warmth and help you relax after a strenuous yoga session. In yoga practices where you perform poses that need support to the shoulders and knees, the blanket can be used as a thin support system, especially for the boney areas of your body. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with 100% soft cotton
  • Tightly weaved for extra durability
  • Available in various colors 
  • Soft to touch 
  • Easy to wash and reuse

If you are a beginner or a yoga expert, the Iyengar yoga blanket is a must-have accessory for your daily yoga practice. If you have not invested in any other yoga props, you must invest in the yoga blanket because of its versatility. It can replace other props if need be. Our blankets are incredibly lightweight and can be carried anywhere you need to practice yoga. 

Weight: 1400gm to 1500gm
Size: L 203cm x W 153cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Grey


1.What is the Best Yoga Blanket?

Yoga blankets come in many different designs, styles, colors, and fabrics for you to choose from. However, the best yoga blankets are the ones that are comfortable for you to use and handy enough to be carried with you. Cotton yoga blankets are soft and offer support when you are doing different activities. They are also made of durable fabric, making them long-lasting.

2.Can you Wash Yoga Blankets?

Iyengar cotton yoga blankets are made of pure cotton and are best washed by hand in cold water. However, you can also machine wash them in a gentle setting with cold water using a mild detergent and then hang to dry. Please follow the product’s label before washing to get the most out of them. 

3.How to Use Yoga Blankets? 

There are a number of reasons to use cotton blankets for yoga –

  • Place under the knees, elbows, or wrists for cushioning during different asanas
  • Cover yourself for warmth during meditation or in savasana
  • Gain height during the seating positions and keeping the spine straight
  • To increase flexibility during certain poses and to hold the positions for longer
  • To be used as a replacement for other yoga props such as yoga blocks or yoga bolster

4. Can You Use Any Blanket for Yoga? 

You may, but you will not have the same experience as you would with a blanket made specifically for you. A yoga blanket is all about bringing some warmth into your practice – whether it is as a posture or for your brain to meditate in peace. Yoga blankets are designed specifically for weighing that helps calm your body and keep you warm, which normal blankets would not provide. Also, yoga blankets are relatively thicker than normal blankets and of the right length to keep you comfortable throughout your practice. 

5.What Makes a Good Yoga Blanket?

Quality yoga blankets are an investment, and it is important to pick the right one for yourself. A good yoga blanket is one that is made of 100% cotton. Such blankets are the softest blankets out there and are quite durable. These are also the most eco-friendly and sustainable options out there for you. Cotton yoga blankets are not just good for you, but they are good for the environment as well.

Weight 1.600 kg
Dimensions 203 × 153 cm


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