Iyengar 100% Cotton Yoga Blanket (4pc)

YogiKuti organic 100% cotton Yoga Blankets are quite a versatile yoga prop. It forms a great surface area for you to practice your yoga poses. You can fold them easily under the tight joints. It helps deepen your yoga postures. You can use these Blankets during Savasana. Even you can fold them into a yoga bolster for meditation.

Our 100% cotton yoga blankets can fit into any yoga studio or home space. These Blankets are made from pure cotton. Hence, making them both soft and comfortable to use. All our 100% cotton blankets are created with the utmost care and attention to detail that benefits you and the Earth. The design of our blankets is simple but greatly stylish that you will love to carry around. You can use them on the beach, as an exercise mat on grass or sand, or even as a picnic blanket.

Weight: 1.400kg to 1.500kg
Size: L 203cm x W 153cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: White, Purple, Grey, Orange


These are indispensable Yoga accessories that have a multitude of usages, and benefits. From refining, Yoga poses to offering greater support and alignment during Yogasanas. These can be beneficial for beginners and pro Yoga practitioners. You can use these blankets to stay warm during the meditation or relaxation poses. It can act as a cushioning medium for hands, knees, and other body parts during strenuous and tricky Yoga poses. To add height during sitting postures, these folded blankets can also be used. So it can help you to maintain appropriate spinal alignment for greater benefits. These blankets can also be used as substitute Yoga props, such as a bolster to elevate and open your chest, as a mat, as a medium to reach unreachable body parts with much ease.


1. Where to buy Yoga blankets?

Especially cotton Yoga blankets are go-to options in everyone’s Yoga accessories kits, lately. Its wide-scale popularity and adoption can be attributed to the plethora of benefits and usage they offer. You can easily find a wide variation of Yoga blankets in the market with differing features, materials, dimensions, etc. While navigating through a wide collection of Yoga blankets physically can be tempting. Hence, purchasing them online has its own set of benefits. You can buy these blankets online from trusted platforms, and brands such as YogiKuti where you are assured to get only the premium quality products in a versatile range.

2. How to use Yoga blankets?

Yoga blankets are no doubt a necessity during Yogasanas. But its necessity does not stop there. Several brands have come forward to make this Yoga prop the latest trend and indispensable. No matter if it’s a yoga studio or a corner in your home, make your Yoga environment look fabulous, cozy, and elegant with the wide collection of Iyengar cotton Yoga blankets from YogiKuti. Besides, Yoga blankets can be used outside of Yoga as well. Carry it for a day out on the beach or a casual picnic with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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Iyengar Yoga Blanket

Weight 6.500 kg
Dimensions 41 × 39 × 18 cm

White, Purple, Grey, Orange

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Yoga Blankets 4pc
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