Yoga Knee Wedge (set of 2pc)

The upper surface of this yoga prop is “scooped out”. Thus, it allows a better fit for the back of the leg.
This Yoga knee wedge can be used in various postures, such as to support and align your pose. For example, while doing Baddhakonasana, in Virasan sitting knee wedge can be placed under the knees to get an opening in the knee joints. This is used widely in Iyengar yoga therapy classes.
Yoga knee wedge can be used to aid standing poses. A practitioner who has a flat foot or wants to increase the arch of the foot, so this yoga prop can be placed underfoot, where the arch vertically so while doing standing poses feet can be pressed well easily on the wedge. Hence, this helps to improve the arch & align the legs.

Yoga knee wedge is an excellent yoga prop. Thus you can add it to a collection of your yoga props. Having this yoga prop in your Yoga therapy studio can help many yoga students to work on their knee problems.

Weight: 140gm to 180gm
Size: L 19.7cm x W 11cm x H 2.6cm
Material: Wood

Weight: 170 to 200 gm
Size: L 20cm x W 11cm x H 2.6cm
Material: Wood

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 19.7 × 11 × 2.6 cm

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Yoga Knee Wedge 2pc

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