Large Yoga Trestler

Extended Yoga Posture Support

Many yoga beginners face the issue of balance and, due to stiff muscles, cannot hold the yoga position they are practicing. A large yoga Trestler is a revolutionary yoga prop that helps you keep your yoga position for a longer duration and helps get you maximum benefits from the pose. Poses where you need to balance on one foot or bend backward or forwards, and you can tend to lose your balance because the Trestler is very useful.

The Iyengar yoga Trestler is a sturdy and large prop that sits firm and supports all complex and posture-correcting poses practiced during yoga. Trestler has a height-adjustable metal rod that can be placed per your requirement and used for forceful gripping. The Trestler is made with 100% natural solid wood and is a heavy prop that will not move from its position, enabling safety and support during practice.

Poses you can perform

Trikonasana, Parivrutha Trikonasana, and multiple backward and forward bending asanas.


The primary purpose of this prop is to provide robust support and gripping feature to people while practicing yoga. The prop is so sturdy that beginners who start using it will gain confidence in the postures and help them enhance and deepen the poses.

Product Highlights

  • Made with good-quality hardwood that is durable and sturdy.
  • Pleasing and light-colored look with sturdy parts.
  • Oil coating to increase the life of the prop.
  • Multiple notches are available to help adjust the metal rod as per requirement.

The large yoga Trestler is a handy yoga prop for yoga studios and private home practice. You get an assembly-ready prop with the screws and Fevicol for easy DIY assembly when ordering.

This Large Yoga Trestler is a unique design of Pune. The Large Yoga Trestler is very strongly constructed with good quality wood and finished with a clear hard oil coating which gives a very durable natural light-colored finish & increases the life of the wood.


  • Made from very high-quality fine wood
  • Finished with oil coating
  • Made as per the Iyengar Yoga specification

Weight: 48kg to 50kg
Size: L 190cm x W 82cm x H 96cm
Material: Wood

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