Mini Slanting Plank Set

YogiKuti’s mini slanting plank yoga is the perfect yoga prop for support and stability for many different yoga poses and positions. Our mini plank sets are non-toxic, allergen-free, and moisture-proof, making them perfect for even those with sensitive skin. Handcrafted using high-quality wood, this yoga plank set is durable, sturdy, and rot-resistant, allowing you to use it for many years with ease. These solid and smooth mini plank yoga sets are designed for easy usage and storage compared to the long yoga planks generally available in the market. These mini wooden planks can fit easily in just about any backpack or yoga bag. 

Our mini plank set provides support for your feet and ankles in standing poses and also for your wrists and hands for backbends, shoulder stands, or handstands. You can also use it as support for sitting, squatting, or when performing downward-facing yoga poses. Our plank yoga set allows you to hold yourself together during complex yoga poses and easily glide through different poses during your yoga practice. All of the corners and the edges are soft for maximum comfort and to avoid injuries. 

Buy mini slanting yoga plank sets from YogiKuti that are handcrafted to support yoga practitioners from beginner to expert levels. They will quickly become an important part of your therapeutic yoga practice.

Weight: 110gm to 150gm
Size: L 15cm x W 9.7cm x H 3cm
Material: Wood


1.Is It Good To Do Planks and Crunches Along with Yoga?

Planks are an essential part of Sun Salutations and are considered to be a transitional pose where you do not need to hold your breath, unlike traditional planks. However, planks and crunches can also be practiced on its own because of the many benefits that it offers. It helps tone the different core muscles of your body, such as the chest, abdomen, and back. It also strengthens your shoulders, arms, and wrists. In the long run, it prepares you for more challenging poses in yoga.   

2.How to Do a Plank Properly using a plank set?

Start with your knees and hands on the floor. Place your hands directly under your shoulder. Move your feet at the back and keep them at a little wider position than your hip-distance apart for greater stability. If you enjoy challenges, keep the feet closer to each other. Form a straight line from the top of your head up to your heels. Gaze down a little in front of your face. Now, tighten your abdomen, chest, and back, pushing them inwards, and hold for 15-30 seconds. Build up the planks to a minute or more as you get stronger. Buy a slanting yoga plank to help you get into position quickly and correctly.   

3.Why Do I Get Nauseous When I Do the Yoga Plank Pose?

If you feel nauseous while doing yoga plank poses, it might be because you are holding your breath when doing the plank pose. Since the plank pose is one of the most difficult poses in yoga, the chances are that you might automatically be holding your breath when doing the pose, even without you not knowing it. Thus, perform the plank pose softly along with your breathing while retaining the position. If you need help with the position, you can use the slanting plank yoga set.   

4.Planks or Pilates? Which is Best For Me in the Short and the Long Term?

Planks are an excellent exercise pose that hits the core muscles in your abdomen, lower back, and glutes. They help build coordination, balance, stamina, and strength. If you are starting out, it is best to start with planks as they offer excellent short term benefits. Pilates, on the other hand, help you maintain lifelong core strength and stability. However, planks are much easier to learn and beginner-friendly, while pilates will need some investment of time and training. Plank and pilates both have numerous benefits, and you can always mix them up so that you do not get bored. You can modify the duration of each according to your fitness level.  

5.How to Choose the Best Slanting Yoga Plank?

The plank yoga set you buy should be able to support your feet and ankles during the plank position. It should also be eco-friendly, non-slippery, durable, and sturdy enough to hold your weight without slipping. Investing in a good wooden yoga plank for your planks exercise sets will help you use it for many years to come without having to replace them every couple of years.

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9.4 × 3.2 cm

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This pair of yoga planks is very useful for me, as I have tight calf muscles and cannot bring my heels down on the floor without support.

  2. Karthikeyan S (verified owner)

    Product made of good quality wood. Using it for squats mainly.

    • rajanikant (store manager)

      Dear Karthikeyan sir,
      Thank you for sharing a positive review with us on your purchase of Mini Slanting Yoga plank.
      Thank you,
      Yogikuti Team

  3. haesuk yun (verified owner)

    be of good character and of good

  4. Andrea (verified owner)

  5. Biljana S. (verified owner)

    This is my best experience online buy! Everything is excelent: quality, service, delivery! Yogikuti send me also present (3 pcs). All things have beautifully smell of eucalipstus oil. I will again buy from Yogikuti!

  6. Sung-Hee Kwon (verified owner)

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