Patanjali Statue 14 inch

Patanjali statue is made from crushed stones by a master craftsman. To make this Patanjali statue we have given attention to minute details.
Patanjali the ancient Indian Sage. Who has written the Yoga sutra a classical Yoga text.

Patanjali statue is available in 3 sizes

Who should buy the Patanjali Statue:
•  All Yogi’s
•  Yoga Teachers/ trainees.
•  Yoga Studio owners.

Practice Yoga with The Blessings of the Divine Sage. Yoga is an ancient form of art and science of healthcare. Yoga Sutras is an ancient text written to explain yoga asana’s various theories and practices, and the divine sage Patanjali wrote this. He is known to be worshipped by all those who practice yoga so he can guide them in spirit to a healthy way of life. Our Patanjali statue is a unique creation by a master craftsman who excels in the art of statue making. Our statue is made with crushed stone and artistically carved to beautifully depict the sage of yoga. You can buy one of the various size statues we have to offer and place it in your yoga studio, house, or practice area to create a pure and clean spiritual environment for yoga practice.

Who should buy the statues:

  • All yoga practitioners
  • Yoga teachers and trainers
  • Yoga studio owners
  • Students learning yoga

Product Highlights:

  • Made with high-quality crushed stone
  • Available in various sizes
  • Made with intricate carving to make the statue look elegant and beautiful
  • Certain areas are highlighted with golden color or an aesthetic appeal.

The statue is a must-have for all yoga practitioners as it increases the positive energy in the room where you practice yoga. The minute attention to detail while making the statue shows the true craftsmanship of our expert artist.

Weight: 6.500 kg
Height: 14 inch

Width: 8.0 inch


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