Radha Krishna Idol (Marble)

Welcome Love into Your Homes

Lord Krishna and Radha are the epitome of love and happiness in this world. They are worshipped by billions of Hindus and non-Hindus and are considered to be the symbol of eternal love. To welcome such love into your homes in the form of a Radha Krishna idol will be a good gesture. The 16inch marble Radha Krishna Statue is a serene and beautifully carved statue in all white marble.

The statue is crafted by skilled professionals and made this statue special by depicting Lord Krishna playing the flute and Radha listening to it intently in his embrace. The statue is attractive and beautifully carved, showing all the intricate details of the duo’s clothes and face structures.

Product Highlights:

  • Made with white marble, which is aesthetically beautiful.
  • Large 16-inch idols can be placed in a particular place and attract visitors’ eyes.
  • An ideal gift for friends and family to show your love for them.
  • We provide white marble statues for Home, office, and Yoga studios. It brings happiness and success. Lord Radha Krishna idols have a special place in Indian homes.

We make artistic marble statues that can highlight your home or workplace and attract good energy and happiness into your space. Lord Krishna and Radha will bring only an abundance of love and peace into your house when you place this statue in a well-lit and auspicious place.

Krishna standing playing flute is a Symbol Of love & happiness. Their love is a common spiritual love affair between divine Krishna and his devotee Radha. Krishna is the supreme God and Radha supposed to control him with her deep love.

This white marble Radha Krishna is not only attractive but also very beneficial for home, office, and Yoga studios. White marbles are especially prized for fine art sculpture because of their relative isotropy and homogeneity, and resistance to shattering.

Weight       :5.980kg
Size           :16inch
Material      : White Marble

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Radha Krishna Idol(Marble) 16 inch

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