Shoulderstand Foam Block

Yogikuti shoulderstand foam block provides firm support and gives a comfortable feel for your shoulders and neck.

This unique foam block is soft yet sturdy. Hence this feature makes this block can be used for various postures as support.

For example Seated Twists, Baddhakonasan, Upavishatakonasan, Setubandh, and support under your feet & seat whenever you require height while doing poses.

Sold in sets of four pieces or two pieces.

Made with high-quality foam material.

Weight: 500gm
Height : 5cm
Width : 25cm
Length : 59cm

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 62 × 27 × 8 cm


3 reviews for Shoulderstand Foam Block

  1. Stephanie

    These boards are incredibly versatile. I purchased them originally for shoulderstand but now I also use them in many other poses. They are a terrific addition to my studio. Ordering and international shipping was super smooth thanks to Raj’s responsiveness via WhatsApp. I definitely wont hesitate to order other props from Yogikuti!

    • rajanikant (store manager)

      Dear Stephanie,
      Thank you for your valuable feedback Shoulderstand Foam Block
      View product.
      We appreciate your support,

  2. shruti bhargava (verified owner)

    Very nice product thank you

  3. Barbara Katz (verified owner)

    I use two of these together to protect my neck.Easy accessibility for the Queen of Yoga poses. Quality product , firm , comfortable support . Shipping was fast and communication” par excellence”. Will be getting all my Iyengar Yoga accessories from YOGIKUTI exclusively!

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Shoulderstand Foam Block
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