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Simhasana Box


Size : H 27 x W27 x L61cm

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Classic wooden prop for restorative yoga practice and forward bending. It is designed to give support to your back.

It opens the chest area creating extra space for the heart & lungs to operate.

Classic wooden prop for supporting restorative chest opening yoga poses such as Supta Virasana and Supta Badhakonasana.

Also known as the heart bench. The Simhasana Box aids in whole body relaxation while soothing the nerves and calming the brain.

This Yoga prop is excellent tool for yoga practice especially to relieve fatigue and to establish a relaxing sleep.

Our specially designed Simhasana box is combined for forward bending practice.

Which allows you to do your forward bends with support and attain greater stretch.

Weight: 4.0kg to 5.0kg
Size: L 70cm x W 30.2cm x H 33cm
Material: Wood

Weight 5.500 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30.5 × 33 cm

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  1. LC Roque

    Love this simhasana box. Gives opening that cant be replicated with blankets/bolsters. This one specifically is well designed. The bar can be used in a forward bending practice, but I find it is outstanding for getting the arms well-positioned for best chest opening. Love it.

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