Tibetian Singing Bowl 5″ inch


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This authentic Handcrafted  Singing bowl produces a strong vibration and warm tone to help center and enrich your life. This specific bowl is a Hand Hammered bowl that resonant with a clear tone.

This bowl comes along with cushion and stick for playing. This Singing Bowl has a strong, clear resonance, which has become a very effective tool for personal wellness, meditation practices, and healing in the medical and complementary medicine communities. This bowl comes in with different heights that are 5 “ and 6 “ inches.

This size is perfect for a singing bowl as they provide a warm and tuned tone.

Unique Features of Singing Bowl:

  • Authentic & hand hammered.
  • Longer durability.
  • Fine Quality
  • Produces pure light tones
  • Easily play mesmerizing tones for holistic healing.
  • Perfect Gift Choice for Friends, relatives, Yoga teacher, yoga friends.
  • Great Present for Friends, Relatives and Yoga Students &  Particularly for those who value ancient traditions and natural healing techniques, our singing bowl sets would make a great gift for most.



Weight: 0.500kg
Size: L 5 inch
Material: Pure Copper

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm


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