Yoga Blanket Set of Two & Yoga Bolster

out of 100% fine Indian cotton. Blankets can support different parts of the body in lots of postures. Iyengar Yoga bolsters and blankets may be the most versatile yoga props.
Blankets made for relaxing, renewing, and restorative poses.
This cotton Yoga Blanket is the perfect balance of soft-touch fabric, tight weave, and durability.
It gives a comfortable base for yoga and extra warmth for Shavasana. Yoga Blankets may be the most versatile yoga props. Two or more to provide a stable but yielding surface for shoulder stands.

Yoga Blankets can be a substitute for a bolster in restorative poses and pranayama practice, and give warmth under and over your body for better final relaxation. Skin-friendly, non-toxic, reduces the build-up of allergens even after several washes. Cotton blankets offer excellent support and cushioning for yoga enthusiasts at all skill levels.

Made of Indian Cotton yoga blanket is  biodegradable, eco-friendly, lint-free unbleached cotton make this blanket Exceptional from unlike regular yoga blanket

The Tight & firm weaving of this blanket helps you to do the yoga poses with ease.
It is also ideal for providing support during deep hip opening poses and as a prop to allow for asana alternatives.


Yoga Bolsters and Blankets details: 


Weight: 1.400 kg to 1.500 kg
Size: L 203cm x W 153cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Grey, Orange, Purple, White


Weight: 3.2 kg to 3.5 kg
Size: L 61cm x dia. 23cm
Material: Cotton
Color: Grey, Orange, Purple, White

Weight 10 kg

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    Very good quality yoga props .

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Yoga Blanket 2pc(Premium) & Bolster
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