Iyengar Yoga Chair(Silver) with Cotton Yoga Blanket set of Four(Orange)

Yogikuti Iyengar Yoga Chair can be used by any level of yoga practitioner. It helps to learn and deepen countless different yoga poses. The yoga Chair is a classic prop for a yoga practice. Along with the yoga chair, other props are used widely in some schools of modern yoga as an exercise. This chair is used to perform an effective rotation in seated twists. It helps to support in backbends, in Viparit Karani and supported shoulder stand yoga pose(Sarvangasana), and in many other asanas. This yoga chair is made of high-quality metal. It is finished with a high-quality matte finish.

Yoga Chair has premium quality leg caps. Hence, that won’t come out or get damaged, even after many many years of chair Yoga practice. A tall yoga chair is slightly taller than a standard-size yoga chair. This is very good for yoga practitioners, who are taller than 168 cm in height.

The yoga chair features Excellent stability and grip. Thus, it provides comfort & safety in yoga practice. Also, it has a high weight-bearing capacity. As a result, you can perform any asanas without any fears. Using a Yoga chair while practicing can boost your daily practice. A metal chair is often seen in Iyengar yoga studios & Therapeutic Yoga Studios. Considering most basic use of the Chair is used to support the tailbone, Back area, lower back area & Shoulders, which helps to understand which muscle or body part to work &  where to release.

Who can use Yoga Chair:

A Chair form makes your practice accessible to everyone. It can be also used by one who can’t sit or stand because of a lack of mobility in the physical body. While using it anyone can perform seated spinal twists, various exercises and enjoy the benefits of Yoga. Chair yoga is also suitable for students who are beginners, confined to desks at a work. Yogikuti makes the highest quality yoga chairs with high precision & stability.

Weight: 4.480 kg
Size: 47cm X 52cm X 85cm
Material: Metal
Finish: Matt finish / Powder Coated

Iyengar 100% Cotton Yoga Blanket-4pc (Orange)

YogiKuti organic 100% cotton yoga blankets are quite a versatile yoga prop. It forms a great surface area for you to practice your yoga poses. You can fold them easily under the tight joints. It helps deepen your yoga postures. You can use these Blankets during Savasana. Even you can fold them into a yoga bolster for meditation.

Our 100% cotton yoga blankets can fit into any yoga studio or home space. These Blankets are made from pure cotton. Hence, making them both soft and comfortable to use. All our 100% cotton blankets are created with the utmost care and attention to detail that benefits you and the Earth. The design of our blankets is simple but greatly stylish that you will love to carry around. You can use them on the beach, as an exercise mat on grass or sand, or even as a picnic blanket.

Weight: 1.400kg to 1.500kg
Size: L 203cm x W 153cm
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Orange


These are indispensable Yoga accessories that have a multitude of usages, and benefits. From refining, Yoga poses to offering greater support and alignment during Yogasanas. These can be beneficial for beginners and pro Yoga practitioners. You can use these blankets to stay warm during the meditation or relaxation poses. It can act as a cushioning medium for hands, knees, and other body parts during strenuous and tricky Yoga poses. To add height during sitting postures, these folded blankets can also be used. So it can help you to maintain appropriate spinal alignment for greater benefits. These blankets can also be used as substitute Yoga props, such as a bolster to elevate and open your chest, as a mat, as a medium to reach unreachable body parts with much ease.

Weight N/A
Chair :

Standard, Tall


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Yoga Chair & Yoga Blankets 4pc(Premium)
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