Yoga for Everyone & The Illustrated Light on Yoga Book Set

The Illustrated Light on Yoga

B. K. S. Iyengar’s classic book Illustrated Light on Yoga is a comprehensive introduction with detailed descriptions of over 200 postures (asanas) and 14 breathing exercises (pranayamas).

This book introduces 57 key asanas and provides a brief summary of pranayama. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs positioned in the relevant part of the text. The student can, therefore, practice a posture without the aid of a teacher. An Appendix provides an asana course for the continuing student. The Illustrated book is a comprehensive yet straightforward introduction for the beginner by the acknowledged expert on the subject.


Yoga For Everyone

Yoga is for everyone. You need not be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practice the asanas described in Yoga for Everyone. The strain of modern life can lead to physical pain and illness, as we neglect our bodies in the rase for material success. The stress of modern life can also lead to mental suffering; feelings of inadequacy, isolation, or powerlessness.

Also, it helps to integrate the mental & physical plane, bringing about a sense of inner and outer balance, or what I term alignment.

True alignment means that the inner mid reaches every cell and fiber of the body.

This book is specially designed to focus on techniques so that even the beginner will have a thorough understanding of how to practice yoga asanas in order to obtain the maximum benefit.

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