Yoga Headstand Bench

This innovative inversion aid enables you to hold a safe and stable headstand posture without any pressure on the neck and spine. This innovative yoga handstand bench from YogiKuti will tick all the boxes you want from the best handstand bench for your yoga asanas. This yoga stool headstand is an excellent yoga prop that helps you build confidence. This headstand yoga bench is meant for those who are still developing their upper core strength to perform unassisted headstands. For experienced practitioners, it allows them to have fun with new versions of headstands. The bench will support and hold your weight during the inversions.

Headstand gives beginners the confidence to raise their feet skywards and receive the benefits of Sirsasana. This sustains more pressure than a steel-framed headstand bench.

Use the Mat below the bench to stay firmly on the ground and prevent any slippage. The Yogikuti headstand yoga tool features supporting, high-quality cushion for shoulder support along with crossbar reinforcement for extra support and comfort. Whilst more experienced practitioners can challenge themselves and have tried with a new variation of inversions beyond their previous practice.

Made from wood with soft padding to support the shoulders. Easy to dismantle to take on your travels.

Unassisted Confident Headstands 

Both beginners and pro practitioners of yoga sometimes need help to perform a perfect headstand. Some people are still developing their upper body core strength and need assistance when practicing the headstand pose. Our yoga headstand bench is the partner you need to assist you in practicing this pose with comfort and without falling. 

It gives you the confidence to support your body during a headstand and keeps the shoulders and neck in inverted position. Experienced practitioners can perform variations in the headstand pose with the help of this prop and eliminate the fear of falling. The neck and shoulders rest firmly on the non-slip pads attached to the bench and do not create strain on the muscles. This sturdy bench stays put on the floor even when you practice one pose for a long time. It can hold heavy weights and pressure and will not move to give you value for money. 

Poses you can perform: Sirsasan (headstand), variations of Sirsasana, etc. 

Purpose: The primary purpose of the bench is to provide support to the neck and spine without slipping and not causing any pressure on the back when practicing the headstand pose. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with certified sturdy natural wood
  • Can sustain a large amount of pressure
  • Non-slippery legs for more stability
  • Supporting non-slip pads and crossbar reinforcement for extra support
  • Soft padding to ensure shoulders are comfortable


  • Weight: 5.4kg to 6.0kg
  • Size: L 65cm x W 42cm x H 37cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Purple, White

Our custom-designed wooden headstand bench is sturdier than its metal counterpart available in the market. Its strong legs ensure stability, and the softly padded shoulder rests assure comfort for the shoulders. The bench is designed so that beginners can develop their upper body core strength using it, and proficient practitioners can practice variations in the headstand pose. It is ideal for both. 

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 65 × 43 × 37 cm


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  1. José P. (verified owner)

    Bon matériel de bonne qualité, facile à monter et répond parfaitement à mes attentes.

  2. Barbara Leipold (verified owner)

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