Yoga Viparita Dandasan Bench (Large Backbender)

Uniquely designed Viparit Dandasan Bench Crafted with at most precision from India. We have given our fullest efforts & attention while making this bench and bringing it into the Yoga world from Pune. Yogikuti Viparit Dandasan Bench is a uniquely designed yoga prop for multipurpose use for various backbenders, Forward bends.

Our huge manufacturing & sourcing capacity made it easy to deliver this product at a reasonable price for yogi’s around the world.

Yogikuti unique bench design has now made it usable for people for taller people also. This version of the back bender also allows for long forward bends. The use of a round bar as foot support at the low end of the back bender.

Unique feature:

On the front side where the board is available, we have made square brackets to lock your palms & perform backbends such as Dwi pad viparit dandasan, Ek pad viparit dandasan , Vrishchikasan, etc. It can be easily transported & shipped easily. Hence we can save a big shipping amount.

Simply by unscrewing two screws assemble is just the reverse by slotting the two pieces and screwing in the two screws.  Finished with a clear hard oil coating which gives a very durable natural light-colored finish & increases the life of the wood.

Deepen Your Back Arches with Support

Numerous yoga poses require a complete bending of the back, which can be risky for some facing flexibility issues. Support to your back is also a must while doing complex poses, as it can get injured if done incorrectly. In the Viparit Dandasan pose, your back needs support to perform a complete arch. With our revolutionary product, the Viparit Dandasan bench, you can efficiently perform this asana. 

This product is designed according to the Iyengar yoga specification back and front bender bench that helps smooth arch the back while practicing yoga. It is a misconception that yoga bench is not for tall people. This bench will help even tall people to practice poses easily. Long forward bends can be easily accomplished using this bench. 

Poses you can perform: Viparit Dandasan (back bending pose), Dwi pad viparit dandasan, Ek pad viparit dandasan, Vrishchikasan, etc. 

Purpose: The primary purpose of this bench is to enable people of all heights to perform back bending poses in yoga with finesse and ease and, at the same time, prevent back injuries. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with solid Pinewood 
  • Robust design to suit all practitioners
  • Can be assembled and disassembled very easily
  • Two vertical slots are available at the end of the bench to enable a firm grip
  • Hard clear oil coating for durability of the bench


  • Product Weight: 11kg to 13kg
  • Weight load Capacity: 70 to 80kg
  • Size: L 138cm x W 42cm x H 41cm
  • Material:  Pine Wood

Our product is unique as it is custom-designed to be helpful to tall people as well. Also, we provide two vertical slots in the bench, which can be used to lock your palms in while performing backbends. These slots have made it very convenient for people to stay stable during the asana. 

The whole assembly and disassembly of the large backbender are based on two screws. Hence, you can quickly assemble the unit during yoga practice and even dismantle it afterward. 

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 98 × 45 × 15 cm

7 reviews for Yoga Viparit Dandasan Bench (Large Backbender)

  1. LC Roque

    Outstanding bench. Beautiful. Well-constructed. Solid design. Arrived in excellent condition from India in a flat pack – think Ikea- with easy to follow assembly instructions. Gets daily use and is loved by students and myself. Would buy more if I had the space!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The large backbender works great, and is shipped flatpak style, like Ikea. It arrived quickly, but had a broken edge from shipping that required re-gluing. Unlike Ikea, where every single part is exactly made with precise machines and strong engineered woods, this backbender uses less strong wood that is prone to chipping. The parts fit together just fine, but are not perfect, with many pieces off just a bit. This is not a functional problem as the piece generally gets covered by a matt and or blanket. The clear finish is uneven, but perfectly adequate. The price is good, and it is plenty strong for an average size person. I love it and am glad to have gotten it. If you want perfectly fit joints, the strongest wood, a furniture grade finish and can pay much more, then keep looking. The two vertical slots on the end the unit are for your hands to grab when going back into viparita dandasana. This is a truly amazing experience! Keeping the upper arms lengthened with elbows parallel and pinned on the floor was so much easier with the grip slots. It’s a great feature that no other backbenders offer. Bravo, Yogikuti.

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    Incredible. Easy to assemble. Perfect shape. Light weight.

  4. katrin L. (verified owner)

    Great product and fast delivery ?

  5. Karthy SIMONEL (verified owner)

    Very good product.
    I use it everyday.

  6. Scott Dunkin (verified owner)

  7. 宇賀 (verified owner)

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Yoga Viparit Dandasan Bench (Large Backbender)

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