Yoga Wall Hook Set

Yoga wall hook set for Iyengar rope yoga practice. The ropes work by using gravity as a natural form of resistance causing the body to open much further than in regular yoga practice. Like the bats and sloths hanging upside down, this releases tension from the joints and deeply stretches the entire muscular-skeletal body.

Rope poses are especially beneficial for our spine health through the use of traction to relieve pressure from vertebral discs, which soothes compressed nerves and quiets the mind. They can also be used to create a deep opening through the organic body, increasing extracellular fluid and blood flow to nourish the organs and tissues. Therapeutic or remedial yoga practice is incomplete without the yoga wall ropes. These wall ropes need to be secured firmly to a wall or permanent structure so you can use them for practicing certain suspended yoga poses. A yoga wall hook set is the product you need to secure the wall ropes tightly to the wall and make you feel secure during yoga. 

Practicing with wall ropes helps create resistance against gravity and hence causes traction on your joints and muscles for maximum benefit. Pressure on the joints can be released by practicing yoga with these reliable and robust wall hooks and ropes. It also helps increase blood circulation in the body. Back and spine issues can be solved using the yoga ropes and hooks, and deepen your yoga poses with these high-quality props. Poses you can perform: Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Eka Pad Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose), Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Hand to big toe pose)

Purpose: The primary purpose of the hook set is to hold the wall ropes in place while practicing poses with ropes. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with sturdy metal
  • Correct size and shape for holding the ropes 
  • Secure nut-bold holes to help fix the hooks to the wall firmly
  • Available in black and white colors. 

The solid metal wall hooks are made in such a way that they can hold the ropes tightly in place. The two nut-bolt holes in each hook will ensure a sturdy wall fixture. Once firmly secured to the wall, you will never have to worry about if it will hold your weight or get lose. Our metal yoga hook set should be brought along with our sturdy wall rope set for maximum benefit from these props. Release compression and fatigue from tired nerves by practicing yoga with wall ropes and hooks. Using wall hooks should be done under the supervision of an expert yogi and can cause injury if not used correctly. 

Size: 17.5 x 5.8 x 4
Weight: 1.100KG
Color : White, Black

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