Yoga Wall Ropes with Yoga Strap

Wall Ropes Pair

Yogikuti has designed high-quality yoga wall rope pair with strap from 100% fine Indian cotton. Yoga practice with wall ropes pair can develop agility, confidence, and alertness. Variations of movement can bring freedom to joints, wall ropes pair can be used for remedial (therapeutic) and restorative yoga. Yoga wall rope pairs are the most effective, versatile tool for developing strength & flexibility.


Weight: 180gm
Size: A. L 90cm to 105cm x Thickness 12mm to 14mm
Material: 100% Pure Cotton
Color: White, Blue, Red

Weight: 170gm to 220gm
Size: A. L 120cm to 130cm  x Thickness 12mm to 14mm
Material: Cotton and Poly
Color: Blue, Red, White


Q.1 : Do Yoga ropes are made from Cotton?
Ans: Yoga Rope has two layers Outer layer is Complete made of 100% cotton & the Inner layer is made of Poly. The reason to make the inner layer with Poly fabric is that it has more strength bearing capacity & doesn’t get stretch like other materials.

Q.2 :Does Rope will stretch?
Ans: Little bit, It won’t get stretched so much because we have used two-layer of Fabrics.

Q.3 :How many Ropes does one person need?
Ans: For one person needs One set of long rope & One set small rope. A long rope will go on top hooks & a Small yoga rope will fit below the top ropes.

Q.4 :How strong are the Yoga ropes?
Ans: Ropes are very strong but you need to check if your hooks are placed properly & the wall is strong enough.

Q.5 :What is the meaning of “YOGA KURUNTA”?
Ans: Yoga wall rope was first developed by “BKS IYENGAR”. & taught yoga wall rope exercises around the world used yoga rope as a Yoga prop to do different variations of yoga practice. Guruji BKS Iyengar calls this technique “YOGA KURUNTA” which means  “YOGA PUPPETRY”


Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap 7ft and 9ft to attain greater stretch and flexibility. Features of non-slip support with a durable non-slip buckle. It’s especially helpful for deepening your leg stretches, correcting the alignment for greater health benefits. This Yoga Belt is wider than regular Yoga belts, developed for better grip and hold.

Long Size
Weight: 0.150kg
Size: L 9ft. x W 1.25’’

Small Size
Weight: 0.130kg
Size: L 7ft. x W 1.25’’

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Blue, Red, Purple, White

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Yoga Strap set of 5

Weight 1 kg
Wall Ropes Size :

Long, Small

Strap Size:

7Ft, 9Ft


Red, White, Blue


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Yoga Wall Ropes & Strap
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