Yogikuti Yoga Cork Block (Standard)

 Yogikuti’s special Cork Yoga Block for the eco-conscious yogi. The Yogikuti Block is crafted of natural, sustainably harvested cork. Many teachers and practitioners prefer cork block as it provides deepness and stability at yoga practice. Cork blocks may last longer than foam blocks since cork is more durable. They are a good long-term investment.

Its naturally textured nonslip surface provides superior traction and Provides firm support. This cork block can be used in various supported poses. This block dense to provide more stability during the whole workout. Foam block tends to be softer. However, these blocks are harder and offer a more stable surface. Because the cork substance is stronger and harder than the foam block.


  • Stable and durable.
  • Sturdy enough to provide support during difficult poses and enhance your practice.
  • Made of Eco-friendly natural cork.
  • Rounded edges for flexibility and better support.
  • Durable and lightweight in nature.

How do I keep clean my cork block:

– Use a drop of dishwashing soap with water and gently rub the surface of your blocks to remove any dirt or stains.

Correct your Body Form 

A firm yet highly supportive yoga prop is the yoga cork block. Our cork blocks are made with sustainably harvested cork and are entirely biodegradable and natural. Our blocks are designed to provide support during various poses of yoga. They help deepen the alignment of the body during practice. With the help of our cork blocks, you can enhance your flexibility and add counterweight during certain poses. 

Many people buy the foam blocks as they are lightweight; however, you get lightweight yet firm and durable support with cork blocks. The foam tends to lose shape with constant use. However, that is not the case with cork blocks. Their textured surface provides enough friction to get a good grip during use. 

Poses you can perform: Ardha Candrasana (Half-moon pose), Balasana (Child’s pose), Utthita Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Purpose: The primary purpose of using the cork blocks for yoga practice is to provide additional support to hands, legs, and neck during some poses. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with sustainable, naturally sourced cork
  • Highly firm and reliable for support
  • Easy gripping surface due to textured feel
  • Easy to clean with dish soap and water.
  • Lightweight and can be used in multiple poses

Our durable and strong Iyengar yoga blocks are convenient when you need that extra support during a complex pose. They are hard and hence can be reliable when you put your weight on them. We do not add any chemical additives while making the block; hence they are eco-friendly and can be used for long durations. The edges of the block are rounded and would not cause any harm during use. 

Weight: 640 gm
Size: L 22.6cm x W 12cm x H 7.4cm
Material: Natural Cork

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 10 cm

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  1. Lakshmi K. (verified owner)

    Loved the blocks , right size , not too heavy.

    • rajanikant (store manager)

      Dear Lakshmi,
      Thank you for your valuable feedback for our Yogikuti Yoga Cork Block(Standard).
      Thank you,
      Yogikuti Team.

  2. MARIA TRINIDAD PINAR (verified owner)

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