Yogikuti Yoga Meditation Bench


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Yogikuti has designed a unique folding wooden meditation seat for the practice of meditation. The ideal posture for meditation has three essential characteristics: it’s stable, it’s straight and it’s comfortable. For that purpose, finding the ideal meditation bench or meditation bench for your unique body type is an important part of your practice. This meditation bench provides steady and firm support and will help you to concentrate by taking the pressure off your knees, ankle hips and legs. This bench can be helpful for longer meditation sessions. This foldable wooden meditation bench provides steady and firm support.

Unique features:

  • This Meditation bench is Stable yet sturdy.
  • Finished with Clear hard oil coating which gives a very durable natural light-colored finish which protects the wood.
  • This bench can be carried easily while traveling.

Weight: 1.220kg

Weight 2.000 kg
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 8 cm


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