Yoga Amateurs, Don’t Worry! The Yoga Bolster is Here!

round yoga bolster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go the extra mile while practicing yoga poses? What if that extra slight stretch, that little bend, was possible with some support? Don’t keep wondering; get the Yoga Bolster for your help. When a beginner in practicing yoga or has had an accident and needs to recover by practicing yoga, you will need maximum support to loosen up your body’s tight muscles. Yoga is an art form in which you need flexibility, and with the bolster, you can help improve your stance or prevent putting extra pressure and avoid pain during practice. 

How To Choose the Correct Yoga Bolster?

Yoga props are highly recommended when practicing yoga, and you would know that the use of a yoga mat can make a massive difference during practice. Similarly, a bolster is of tremendous help when deepening your yoga poses, going that extra bit. There are various kinds of bolsters available in the market with varied uses. Choosing the right one is essential. 

Here are some pointers which will help you choose the right bolster.

  • Choose a firm and dense bolster that is soft enough to provide the desired support.
  • Choose cotton bolsters for extra comfort during use.
  • Choose the right shape for the suitable yoga poses you practice.

Which Type of Bolster is the Best?

There is no perfect answer to this question as the various shapes in which bolsters are available are used for several types of yoga poses. Has this confused you? Let’s understand this in detail with examples. 

Rectangular Bolster

This type of bolster usually comes in various sizes. The standard size one is a reasonably large one which is very commonly used. It is flat and wide and can be used to support your neck and legs during practice. You can even use them as a sitting cushion to prevent the back from curving during practice. There are smaller-sized versions of this bolster available as well. 

Poses you can accomplish using a rectangular bolster are: 

  • Supported Backbend
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Supported Knee Twist
  • Waterfall
  • Supported Child’s Pose

Round Yoga Bolster

This type of bolster is also available in small and standard sizes. They are cylindrical and are the longest bolsters. Advanced yoga practitioners usually use these for support. For back poses, you can use them underneath the back, and they will elevate your spine, leaving the arms and shoulders at a height and hanging downwards. This helps deepen the postures and frees up the chest area for the heart to have more space to pump blood better. They can also be used to support knees when you perform lying-down poses. 

Poses you can accomplish using a rounded bolster are: 

  • Deer Pose
  • Goddess Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Caterpillar Pose
  • Savasana or Resting Pose

Bolsters for Pranayama

These are bolsters used specifically for practicing pranayama. They are thinner and longer than their standard counterparts and can easily replace them if you find the standard-sized ones thicker and bigger. These are specialized props used extensively in Iyengar yoga and will help elevate the chest area to give more space to the heart. These will support your back during pranayama practice and help ease any pains or discomfort. 

Poses you can accomplish using a pranayama bolster are: 

  • Back bending Pose
  • Supported Malasana
  • Supported Pigeon Pose
  • All Types of Pranayama

Yoga bolsters can be a real boon for all types of yoga practitioners. They do not need much maintenance, and the covers can be washed and replaced. There are bolsters with printed and various color covers available in the market but always lookout for quality products and not the ones that will lose their thickness in one use. A lot depends on the firmness of the bolster as you rely on it during bends. 

Yogikuti is one of the leading brands providing Iyengar yoga props to beginners and advanced-level yoga practitioners. The Iyengar yoga bolster is one of their premium products and comes in various shapes and sizes. These bolsters are made with 100% cotton, and you can choose the color of your choice. Buy a piece of each kind of bolster and master your yoga postures in no time. hey also offer bolster and blanket combinations for added comfort and support. 

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