How Yoga Viparita Dandasana Bench will help you with backbends?

yoga viparit dandasan bench
yoga wooden bench


Yoga Viparita Dandasana Bench is an exclusive product that is in great demand in the present times. It alleviates back pain and other back-related deformities.  


Growing in the era of odds and toughness, back-related problems have become a common thing for many people. Be it back pain, cramps, airlocks, etc. it has become quite tough to manage all these issues at one time.  

However, certain exercises, lifestyle changes, and a special yogic bench can push your problems aside.

Yoga Viparita Dandasana Bench is an exclusive product launched in the physical market to combat various back problems and help you in all types of backbends.

Structure of the Yogic Bench: 

While observing and analyzing the structure of the bench, uniqueness is the only word that fits the context. The bench is quite strong, preferentially designed for people of all heights.  

It has a pair of square-sized apparatus to fit in your arms while bending. It has strong support at the lower end, to support your feet while doing your bends.  

Another striking advantage of this bench by Yogikuti is that it can be easily transported. The setting up of the whole mechanism is easy and you can screw and unscrew it according to your requirements.  

Features of the Yogic Bench: 

Features of the Yogic Bench: 

This Yoga prop is one of the explicit Yoga products in the market. Here are some features:

  • Material: It is made up of genuine quality pine wood.  
  • Maximum load: It can take a load somewhere between 100 kg.  
  • Size of the bench: The dimensions are L 138cm x W 42cm x H 41cm 
  • Mass of the product: The weight would be somewhere between 11-13 kg.  

What yogic asanas can be performed?  

Several yogic asanas can be performed on this yogic bench, broadly categorized into forwarding bends and backward bends.  

  • The scorpion pose or “Vrischikasana”: 

This asana can be easily performed by using this yogic bench. It is an asana that is the concoction of forearm balance and backbends. This asana is one of the classic yogic asanas, especially the best form of backbends.  

  • One-legged inverted staff pose or “Ek pada viparita dandasana” : 

This asana is one of the popular poses with one leg, best for backbends. The yogic bench will help you attain this position with more perfection and diligence. You will exceptionally become proficient in practicing such asanas daily.  

  • Two-legged inverted staff pose or “Dwi pada viparita dandasana” : 

This asana is quite similar to the previous one, however, practicing it on this bench would work in favor of your backbends. It helps you to achieve perfect backbends, within a short span.  


As convenient it sounds, it is equally helpful and would help you achieve your backbends more professionally. Having a Yoga Viparita Dandasana bench is an asset that helps you practice backbends and alleviate your constraints.  

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