Tongue Cleaner Set of Two

Make your way towards healthy living with Enable Nature’s coper Tongue Cleaner. The product is made of superior quality coper. It clinically helps in removing plaque, fungi, dead cells and bacteria from the tongue’s surface.

Many would consider their oral care routine to be incomplete without a tongue cleaner. Cleaning your tongue has many health benefits. The food and fluids that you consume tend to stick to your tongue which, if not cleaned regularly, can cause bacterial infections, bad breath, etc. One of the best ways to clean your tongue is with the help of a good tongue scraper or cleaner. There are many types of tongue scrapers available online. Choose from ones made from plastic, steel, or copper material.

These cleaners are easy to use and are suitable for kids and adults. Tongue cleaning helps remove odour causing substances from the surface of the tongue and prevents the build-up of bacteria. Tongue scraping is an effective way to take care of your oral care issues. So, do not delay and add a tongue cleaner to your daily oral care routine.

Size : 13X10X6cm
Weight: 20gm
Material: Copper

Weight 0.500 kg


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Tongue Cleaner 2pcs

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