Viparit Karani Box A

The Viparit Karani Box is a highly recommended yoga prop for a variation of Yoga poses. Due to its curve shape, it creates the correct opening in the chest area. Thus, it is an essential relaxing and restorative Yoga position. This yoga prop provides the necessary support and stability for yogis to do the pose.

Viparit is a Sanskrit word. It means inverted or turned upside down. Karani means action. Thus, Viparit Karani, also known as Inverted Lake Pose.  It is the action of inverting yourself. It is quite a popular yoga pose with a lot of health benefits. This posture is also called the “Legs-up-the Wall” pose. However, if you are a beginner and are finding it hard to get the alignment right, our prop will allow you to get it right. If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, our Karani box will help you to support other variations of Viparit Karani poses.

The Karani box from Yogikuti is made of natural wood without any visible metal fixing on it. The smooth round edges prevent slips, trips, and fall injuries. The oil finishing of this prop ensures greater durability. It can easily withstand the weight. It is non-slippery for greater support. The best Viparit box in the market has custom cutout handles on the sides for easy lifting.

Whether you want to add Viparit Karani to your daily yoga routine or want better stability to the bending position. Thus buy a Viparit Karani box from Yogikuti. It can also be used for support for a number of other relaxing yoga positions.

Weight: 3.2 kg
Size: L 38 cm x W 23 cm x 30.5 cm
Material: Wood

Weight 4.000 kg
Dimensions 38 × 23 × 30.2 cm

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Viparit Karani Box A

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