Yoga Blanket White 4pc, Sticky Yoga Mat, Yoga Belt 9ft White & Round Yoga Bolster Purple

This kit is specially made for Yoga starters. The Yoga Starters can avail this kit at the cheapest cost to improve their yoga practice. The Yoga Starters can purchase this kit instead of purchasing individual items which saves their money.

100% Cotton Yoga Blankets White 4pc:-

Made out of 100% fine Indian cotton. Blankets can support different parts of the body in lots of postures. Blankets made for relaxing, renewing, and restorative poses.
This cotton Yoga Blanket is the perfect balance of soft-touch fabric, tight weave, and durability. Yoga Blankets may be the most versatile yoga prop. Two or more to provide a stable but yielding surface for shoulder stands. Blankets can substitute for a bolster in restorative poses and pranayama practice, and give warmth under and over your body for better final relaxation.

Weight: 1400gm to 1500gm each
Size: L 203cm x W 153cm each
Material: 100% Cotton

Iyengar Yoga Sticky Mat:-

The sticky mat is a worldwide favorite with the Iyengar Yoga teachers. this lightweight and surprisingly sturdy mat have been a firm favorite amongst all Iyengar yoga practitioners around the world worldwide. 32 years later, the mat is all set to come in some new colors. A sticky mat has a textured surface that gives you the perfect hold and the crease-resistant property makes it an easy-to-fold-and-carry mat.

Size – L 183cm X 60cm
Weight – 1.000kg to 1.500kg

100% Cotton Yoga Round Bolster:-

Yoga bolster/Pillow has an Exceptional firmness that helps you to do the restorative poses. It is also ideal for providing support during deep hip opening poses and as a prop to allow for asana alternatives.
This bolster comes in a selection of colors and has a long-lasting removable cover that is machine washable.

Weight: 3.2kg to 3.5kg
Size: L 61cm x dia. 23cm
Material: 100% Cotton

Cotton Yoga Belt:-

A Yoga Belt is a unique tool to attain greater stretch and flexibility. Features of non-slip support with a durable non-slip buckle. Yoga strap is especially helpful for deepening your leg stretches, correcting the alignment for greater health benefits. This Yoga Belt is wider than regular Yoga belts, developed for better grip and hold.

Weight: 0.150kg
Size: L 9ft. x W 1.25’’
Material: 100% Cotton

Yoga Lightweight Block 2pcs(Bamboo):-

The wooden yoga block bamboo helps strengthen specific sections of your body like your legs, arms, hips, shoulders, and back. The blocks are made with bamboo, the fastest form of renewable source of wood. They are not only light in weight, but when you practice with them, you will know that they are sturdy and do not move from their position.

Poses you can perform:-

Utthanasana (forward bending), Utthan Pristhasana (Lizard pose), Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide Leg Forward Bend).

Weight: 400gm to 600gm
Size: L 22cm x W 7.6cm x H 12.5cm
Material: Bamboo Wood

Weight 12 kg

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