Discover the revolutionary way of stretching with a Yoga stick from YogiKuti. This is lightweight, Straight, and well polished. This is useful for performing yoga, and a variety of other exercises. Made of high-quality recycled wood. This Yoga danda stick is a must-have yoga prop for beginners and pro yoga practitioners. The smooth surface of this wooden prop allows a comfortable grip that prevents slipping. Hence, the round section on each end of the stick helps prevent injury during use. 

This wooden stick yoga prop is for anyone looking to take their structural integrity and alignment to the next level. Buy a Yoga danda stick online from YogiKuti to develop core strength, deepen your postures, offer balance, and increase flexibility without straining your body. It is a versatile prop. It has its application in maintaining spinal health, healthy joints, and correcting body postures over a period of time.  

YogiKuti offers the best stick for yoga that is flexible enough to flex with your movements and does not break even when you exert your body force into it. This prop is easy to use at home and is suitable for all fitness levels. Invest in this wooden prop from YogiKuti, and be assured that the stick you are using is safe and environmentally friendly. 

Unique Features:

  • Flexible stick
  • Lightweight, easy to rotate
  • Easy to handle.
SIZE : 24” x 1.75 inch ( 61cm X dia. 4.4cm)
Weight: 0.320Kg
Weight 0.500 kg

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Yogikuti Yoga Stick Thick

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