Agardan/Agarbatti Stand/Incense Stick Holder

This Agarbatti (Incense) stick holder is made out of high-quality brass which is used to hold Agarbatti. An Agarbatti is an incense stick, which when burnt, leaves behind traces of ash. This brass Incense stand has multiple perforations in a circular arrangement to be able to hold several Agarbattis or Incense sticks at the same time. Fine carving and perfect finish by highly skilled artisans make this item worth possessing. It is ideal for use in houses while doing yoga with yoga props as well as offices. It is designed for easy cleaning.

Size: H 6cm X W 7cm

Weight: 60gm to 80gm

Material: Brass

Weight 0.500 kg


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incense stick holder
Incense Stick Holder

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