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Round Yoga Bolster




Weight: 3.2kg to 3.5kg
Size: L 61cm x dia. 23cm
Material: Cotton

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Round Yoga Bolster

Round Yoga Bolster



Round Yoga Bolster

Round Yoga Cotton Bolster is made from 100% pure Indian Cotton. Provides exceptional firmness and helps you to do the restorative poses. It is also ideal for providing support during deep hip opening poses and as a prop to allow for asana alternatives.

This Bolster comes in a selection of a variety of colors and has a long-lasting removable cover that is machine washable.

A Round Yoga Bolster is a flexible yoga accessory that can be used in several ways, such as helping yogis to maintain the right pose and shape, making breathing more comfortable, and relieving stress. It comes with great size to place under your knees in savasana, or for support in back bending practice.

Some asanas in yoga can reach a new level of depth when using support for your back or neck. Asanas where the hips need to support your body need a round yoga bolster to hold the position firm. The yoga bolster is firm and made with 100% Indian cotton to provide the exact support while performing restorative poses. This prop assists you and provides strong support during deep hip opening poses. This stress-relieving yoga accessory is much needed to open up the chest area to enhance breathing during certain yoga poses. It enables you to maintain the correct posture and pose during specific complex asanas. 

Poses you can perform: Virasana (Hero Pose), Supta Baddha Konasana (Supported Reclined Bound Angle Pose), Kapotasana (Supported Pigeon Pose), Savasana (Resting Pose)

Purpose: The primary purpose of the round yoga bolster is to support the body during certain restorative poses. The appropriate firms of the bolster will ensure the right amount of assistance as needed. 

Product Highlights: 

  • Made with 100% Indian Cotton
  • It comes with a washable cover
  • Available in various colors
  • Firm and flexible for support during any poses

Our specially made cotton yoga bolsters are perfectly filled with 100% Indian and clean cotton. We guarantee the quality of cotton they are made with and the premium quality stitching of the cover. There is a wide variety of colors available to choose from, and the sturdiness and firmness of the bolster will not disappoint you during yoga practice. 

We make yoga props after researching what is ideal for a yoga practitioner. The props are designed in such a way that they provide the maximum benefit to whoever uses them. They are durable and last very long when maintained correctly. 

• Does the Yoga Bolster/pillow have a washable cover?
Ans: YES, Yoga bolster cover can be washable 

• Does Yoga Bolster made from 100% cotton?
Ans: YES, Complete Yoga Bolster/Pillow is made from 100% cotton.

Weight: 3.2 kg to 3.5 kg
Size: L 61 cm x dia. 23 cm
Material: Cotton

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